Social Security Number

Here the social security number reminds me of the Danish CPR (national identity number), it is necessary for everything, in particular, as seen in my previous post, to open a bank account, to obtain a driving license or receiving one’s salary… and later on, to pay taxes.

If you are targeting the same visa as me, the process of obtaining the SSN (Social Security Number) is greatly simplified, you just have to check the box that asks if you want to get one at the online step (DS-260) of the NVC stage and you’ll receive your card directly at your US home!

If you arrive with a work visa and that same option is not available, you’ll have to go to a social security office, about 10 days after your arrival, with your passport and your work permit. 10 days is about the time it takes for them to record your arrival / admission on the American soil.

10 days is also the average time it takes to receive your social security card at home. It arrived in less than a week in my case.
Unfortunately it was of course at my maiden name, and I had to go to an office to ask for a new card. Very simple too, just fill in the appropriate form, and bring your passport with visa and your marriage certificate.
I was given proof of my application and received my new card at home in less than a week!

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