Independence Day

As stated in my previous post, my July 4th plane was canceled. It was replaced by an earlier plane the same day but my timing was already very tight, impossible for me to catch that plane … unless of course I cancel my visit with the husband and ah, well… 😉 So I was rebooked on a plane the next day and I eventually spent the evening with my in-laws.
Not so bad, at the end of the day, I didn’t have to run after visitation, and I saw the July 4th fireworks.

We opted to watch it from the Riverside Arts Market, under the Fuller Warren Bridge. Booths of drinks, cakes, popcorn and so on, live concert, everyone wearing blue, white, red and stars. People arrive early, we were there around 7 pm and there was already a lot of people (for fireworks at 10.45 pm).
To me, any celebration is a bit sad since it is one more thing that I can’t share with Alan.

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