Postcard from Savannah

Savannah is located approximately 2 hours drive from Jacksonville, in Georgia. We went with the family for a day.
Once there, we took the Trolley (tour) Bus because it is the best way mean of transportation to see a maximum of places in one day. My English is not bad and I’m not too bad accustomed to the Southern accent (I actually understand WELL my man!) but this time the guide spoke pretty fast and it was a lot of information simultaneously. I was slightly confused between finding where to look and put the details together.

The advantage is that you can get on and off the trolley as many times as you want during the day, and you can even call for them to pick you up at some extra stops.
Worried that the cathedral would be later closed for the day, the trolley driver waited for us 15 minutes in front of it to allow us to visit.

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist

The other side of the street

The bus left us in the area of the City Market, it was perfect to reach the edge of the river and find a restaurant for lunch.

The Waving Girl

The Olympic flame

It’s a little cute town where I could see myself living, the center being occupied by more pedestrians than cars.
Unfortunately we chose the hottest day (our last available Saturday), it was 100 ° F and it soon became unbearable to walk in the afternoon.

Savannah is a city that welcomes more and more film shoots, the most famous probably being Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Forrest Gump, Cape Fear), Something to talk about or The Giftand The Legend of Bagger Vance (ut I haven’t seen that one so I don’t know how much of the city you see in it). The problem is that most iconic elements of those films had to be moved to avoid being stolen, like the Bird Girl statue from Midnight… or the bench from Forrest Gump.

Some other pretty streets of Savannah:

And the famous fountain of Forsyth Park:

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