Christiania is a kind of independent state, located in Copenhagen, a “free town” (Fristaden Christiania) as it is proclaimed.

In September 1971 a group of hippies took up residence in a neighborhood/empty military barracks. They destroyed the fences and created a self-managed and financially independent society based on the importance of community and its well-being.

Haunt of artists of all kinds, Christiania is unfortunately known for its open air sale of Cannabis in “Pusher Street” During its history Christiania has seen sellers of hard drugs settle there and several times had to “clean” Pusher Street of drugs traffic and gangs (bikers and Co.) that run them.

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Be careful, there is also 3 more rules in the Pusher Street area, recentrly renammed The Green Light District : Have Fun – Don’t Run (it causes panic) – NO PHOTO. Because of this the Danish government, which owns the land, has repeatedly tried to end the community. It’s a complicated dance that has been played between the two parties all these years, but since 2011 Christiania and the government have reached an agreement that allows the inhabitants (and supporters) to buy a share. Christiania is a true state with its own flag (3 points that represent its i), an anthem, a currency (the Løn but crowns are also used by businesses), its own rules and also a complete city with its cinema, its bakery, bars and restaurants, events/concerts venues, shops (the famous Christiania Bikes among others), etc.. A doctor and a nurse also come once a week to provide free medical care, and as some residents have no bathroom there is a large building for this, two things that make life a little easier to homeless people too.

Christiania is divided into neighborhoods, all self managed. To make decisions people gather to discuss until they (absolutely all of them) agree.

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