Le mariage ! bis (par Alan) ▾ en anglais ▾

No wedding is without a bit of chaos, we know first hand now. 🙂
I never like to see you so tense and stressed but if it means we’re together I want to see your lowest and worst points in life, I don’t want to miss a thing. […]
You know I like to think of every (current) day as the most important, I can’t help but to catalog and revisit many of the days of ours and this day is truly special to me. […] I spent the majority of this day reveling in the moment, the fact I’d soon be legally bound to the incredibly amazing woman of my dreams and of my life. I really cherished all these moments – as I do always – when your personality or your prominent traits were/are most apparent, for instance, how sweet you are to me even when I’m feeling undeserving of any kindness, these seemingly private feelings I have must be obvious to you because you manage to always pour affection on me so hard whenever I think for a second that I’m ruining your life… […]
Your fearlessness was on display this day! I didn’t misspeak, the fact that you were able to stand in a room full of people and to say such sweet things, revealing yourself and your inner most precious emotions, promising to spend and devote your life with/to another human in the face of all your fears, that’s fearlessness! I was so in awe of the whole situation that the size of it overwhelmed me. […] You’ll think this is silly but I’m always fantasising of rescuing you and I thought today would be the day that I’d catch your fainting body or help you navigate through a mental breakdown – this one looked promising for a few minutes :p – but you’re such a badass! I’ll probably never stop these silly fantasies, even knowing you don’t need saving from anyone for anything. I have the best wife!
As you were saying your vows I felt invincible, I felt safe, I felt loved. I don’t think I will ever forget this moment.

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