twenty one pilots: banditø tour concert vlog Tampa 11/03/2018

I told you how hard it was to get tickets for Twenty One Pilots’ Bandito tour… the big day had finally arrived!

It took a bit of organizing to be in Tampa for the concert on Saturday night, and then be in Raiford on Sunday morning to see my husband. So I booked a hotel in Wildwood, about an hour from Tampa, which allowed us (I went with my mother-in-law because, in order to visit the next day, the person needed to be on his visitation list) to stop on the way to change (#bandito) and have an early diner before heading back to Tampa, and not having to drive too long at night before sleeping, while shortening the road to Raiford the next morning. We were lucky it was the weekend of the change of time (end of daylight saving time), which allowed us to sleep an extra ^^.

When we arrived at our seats, I had a moment of panic because it was REALLY high, and I’me afraid of heights. Every time I had to get up from my seat to let someone go by, I clung to the backrest with a deep breath, and I wondered if I was going to make it… But luckily, apparently, we quickly get used to this kind of things and I felt already a little better when the opening band got on stage. Once in the dark, it’s less impressive and once TØP was there it was forgotten!

As you will see in the video I was FAR AWAY from the stage, but right in front and in the middle, so I saw all the movements everywhere and it was pretty cool, but I could clearly not distinguish their faces or enjoy Tyler’s every little dance steps of on the main stage. Fortunately they occupy all the space and the show is GREAT! If you have the opportunity to see them do not hesitate because they are only two but they give EVERYTHING!

As a bonus, fans are super nice and polite, in a line for the bathroom that was moved, just before TØP arrived after the opening bands, a girl told me that I was in front of her. It may seem like nothing but I think we agree that we are more often passed than anything else in general. No jostling at any time (but I didn’t go to the pit either), and no panic or anxiety attack for me in the middle of 20500 people! And I must say, great organization from the venue (Amalie Arena), and from the city with police to do the traffic and monitor the streets around. Rather reassuring because the vast majority of Twenty One Pilots fans are MUCH younger than me.

I enjoyed every second. I finally disconnected from all my problems during their 2-hours set, I danced and sang, and I had the impression of belonging to a group. Unfortunately, the reality quickly took over and I felt even more lonely the next few days …
… But I got a ticket (much easier to get 😛), much better placed for their June concert in Jacksonville, I can’t wait!

Bonus: This video of “Neon Gravestones” 🙂

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